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Afropop socks - Red


Our socks are designed in the UK and are made out of a combed cotton blend, making them soft and durable.

Zion: The utopian city of unity, peace, and freedom, is the inspiration for the sock's yellow, green, and red colours. This sock's vibrant colours are designed to stand out and make a fashionable impact.

Tribal: Our Tribal Blue socks are inspired by Mali’s Bamana culture. Malian mud cloth called Bogolan is a handmade cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. We've taken inspiration from this traditional print technique and given it a contemporary take in Red, black and blue.

Masai: Our Masai socks - named after the Masai warrior shields - draw inspiration from traditional African design, but with an added contemporary twist. They're bold and sure to brighten up any outfit!

Kasai: Explore our Kasai Pattern Socks, where each step effortlessly combines elegance and style. These socks feature enchanting Kasai patterns, drawing inspiration from the intricate designs found in Central African artistry.

Medium (shoe size):
UK 5-8
USA (M) 5-8
USA (F) 6.5-9
EUR 37-40

Large (shoe size):
UK 8-11
USA (M) 8.5-12
USA (F) 9.5-13
EUR 41-45

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