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Inka Small Wood Earrings


Inka Small Wood Earrings - Nzingha Jewellery

Length: 6 Centimetres
Width: 3 Centimetres

They are a trendy earring that will last you a lifetime.
Made from the beautiful Rosewood that is used to make music instruments such as guitars the wood is a hard wood with a natural unique grain running through it.
This wood in Indonesia is called Sonowood which is a sustainable wood as the forest is monitored by the government.

They have a silver titanium wavy round plate that sits stylishly against the wood.
Thé closure is a latch back with a rubber stopper for extra security.
We have only made a handful of these earrings.
They are extremely light in weight and easy to wear all day.
Handmade in London.

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